Friday, May 30, 2014

Try It. You Vill Like It.

So I have this PTSD disease
Oh you need to go see Dr. Burress
Asked may I have some meds please
Said it's my feelings I want to suppress

Let's start you out slow
Don't want to hit you with the big stuff yet
I'll make adjustments as we go
Depending on the type of side effects you get

Gave me something called a Zoloft pill
He said "Try it. You vill like it"
Better update my living will
Is this doctor legit

All of my meds come in this little white sack
Postmaster said, "David your maracas came in today"
Said, "yeah I'm joining a Mexican band called Smack"
Come hear us we open soon in Monterey

Took the first pill in the morning
By five o'clock I didn't care about a single thing
That should have been a clear warning
Just forget having a fling

Went back to see my doc
Said I don't like these side effects
This med is a real crock
He said, "I have somezing we try next"

He said, "Try it. You vill like it"
Take them in the morning and at night
Those others you can quit
This time it will be alright

Took them for a few days
Didn't feel a single thing
Thought maybe there were delays
My ears didn't even ring

Went to see my doc again
Said I want a big boy hit
He said "I have somezing for you to begin"
He said, "Try it. You vill like it"

He said, "I overnight to you
As you are very depressed
You vill feel better when you come too
You vill soon feel your best"

"Start out slow, cut one pill in two"
Took my meds as the doc said
"Don't want it to be too much for you
Take it just before bed"

Yeah right, bring it on doc
What could this little pill do
When I laid down, I looked at the clock
It was about twenty four hours later when I came too

"Damn! What hit me?" I said
"I'm dizzy as I can be
And what's wrong with my head
I can't possibly be me"

No way can I walk
I can hardly move,
And I can barely talk
Sure hope I improve

Just give me my PTSD back
I'm learning to deal with it
I'd rather have the panic attack
Than take this pill and have a fit

I meet with my doc again in a bit
I'll say, "Here you go Jack!
Try it. You vill like it!"
Then I will give his damn pills back

David Rose - Vietnam War - Combat Medic

My VA PTSD medicine cabinet.

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