Friday, May 30, 2014

Rice Wine To Go

Worked six days a week in the ER
On my day off I'd hike out to where the Montagnards are
I volunteered to conduct a sick call
As they didn't have modern medical support at all

I didn't carry a weapon as a CO
So I had an infantryman assigned to me when I go
I would hike through the jungle on the trail
Not knowing what each journey would entail

My first stop at each village had to be the Elder's Hut
I had to comply with their native customs somewhat
So I joined them in their rice wine drinking tradition
Until I was of a drunken condition

They even provided meals for me to eat
Wild boar and corn on the cob that couldn't be beat
Everything they served me to eat was just fine
Then they brought me a cup of guess what, more rice wine

After all of that I did manage a sick call, I think
If I needed a consult I always had a radio link
I remember finding a few diagnosis that made the effort worthwhile
Even carried a few back to the hospital once in a while

I made friends with the elders over the course of the year
The drinking was new to me, I had never even tasted beer
We couldn't communicate verbally but we really didn't care
Our game of charades was pretty fair

My last visit there was a memory to forever cherish
Because of a friendship that would never perish
They gave me a Montagnards blanket and all the children danced in a row
They gave me something else too, can you guess what, some rice wine to go

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

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