Monday, December 11, 2017

Conscientious Objector

didn't carry a weapon in war
but all of that changed
when I hit my homeland shore

David Rose

Blood On My DD 214

served as medic in that damn war
still not sure what we fought for
did a lot to save my brothers
even saved some of the others

stopping the bleeding was my main job
a lot to lose with each heart throb
grew up fast and learned a lot
had to make the bleeding clot

still have nightmares to this day
seems I can not get away
the cries and screams I heard so loud
hang around as a big dark cloud

destined to live my life with stress
my fate was sealed when I ETS
a nasty curse I should have foreseen
when blood was spilled on my 214

bloody papers I carry through life
a reminder of my wartime strife
like giving me the boot as I walk out the door
painful memories to my very core

David Rose

PTSD Veterans Administration Cartoons