Saturday, April 29, 2017

Our Guiding Light

Let the courage 
of our fallen warriors 
be our guiding light;
as we live a joyful, 
free life, else our 
protectors death 
be in vain.


During the war,
I transformed 
into an
version of my 
former self.

Monday, April 17, 2017

PTSD Veterans Administration Cartoons

The Line Between Innocence and Immorality

The eyes of innocence are here to see
The brutal acts war brings to me

Served as medic in the war
Involved in task that I abhor

Innocence and immoral don’t mix too well
When thrown into a living hell

David Rose

Stuck on Depression

There are five steps of grief
Stuck on depression could use some relief

Through denial really fast
Long ago it’s in my past

Anger is hanging with me still
Refuse to take another pill

Don’t even know what bargaining is
Skipped it in this tricky biz

Acceptance is where I need to be
Need to get there to be free

David Rose

My Mask

Worn a mask all my life
Concealing my internal strife
Some don’t survive the war
Others come home and hide behind closed door

David Rose

Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Past Is Also My Future

Past, present and future
Are all the same for me
PTS my whole life through
No hope can I foresee 

Anxiety, vigilance and anger
Are with me every day
Living with this PTS
I guess it's here to stay

David Rose

Gook Voices

I live in the mountains by choice
It's not very often I hear a voice

Had to go into town today
Went to a show and a buffet

Trying to enjoy my meal in peace
All I could hear was Vietnamese

Picked up and moved to another table 
Hearing that language I felt unstable

I finished and left as soon as I could
Boy was I in the wrong neighborhood

Did something then I rarely do
Attended a show at the Bijou

In the lobby were video games
Shooting a machine gun and throwing flames

I know it's a game but it got my attention
Instantly became a source of tension

In the wilderness is where I belong
Not in town with the Vietcong

Fifty years I still react this way
I guess I can assume it's here to stay

David Rose

Friday, April 14, 2017

My Only Goal

Survived the war without a gun
Now back home I carry one
It's sad I have to live this way
My homeland in the U.S.A.

Today the threat is from within
This type of war is hard to win
We don't know friend from foe
I'd rather be a GI Joe

Panama looks good to me
Like many countries oversea
Well, with the exception of Seoul
A long way from home is my only goal

David Rose

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Strong But Fragile

I had a very strong mind
Now it's fragile and sidelined

Reached the top of my profession
Now seclusion is my obsession

Wrote many books just for fun
Now I rarely see anyone

Performed guitar all over the world
Now my life is coming unfurled

Made many laugh from the stage
Now my mind is in a rage

Been to heaven up in the sky
Now I am asking myself why

David Rose

I Became

Drafted from school to military service
I became a conscience objector

No weapon to carry no man would I kill
I became a combat medic

Deployed to Nam to support my brothers
I became an ER medic

Displayed some skills and moved on up
I became a surgeons first assistant

Medics are dead we need more help
I became a dust off medic

Have a special ops to do
I became a go to medic

Tour is over time to go home
I became a soul survivor

Flew back home to see my friends
I became a baby killer

Asked the VA for some help
I became an Oedipus Conflict

Placed me in a therapy group
I became a "no longer a fit"

When our troops came home from Iraq?
I became a cheerleader

David Rose

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

No Man Comes Home From War

Death and dying all around
Immoral acts the most profound 

You could be the worst of all
Or you could be the Chaps on call

Any heart can plainly see
There is some moral injury

You may survive the war that day
But intrusive thoughts are here to stay

It doesn't matter who you are
All from battle will endure a scar

David Rose

Went To War To Find Love

Warriors are trained to perform a task
Sometimes it's more than we should ask 

There's more than training that powers us
It's love for our brothers that is a big plus

Went to war to find love for their brothers
Maybe more than all the others

Providing security so his platoon could advance
Stormed enemy trench to give them a chance
Killed six snipers plus two more by hand
Sacrificed himself while his platoon made a stand
Lewis Albanese MOH

Close range small arms fire near Cam Lo
In comes a hand grenade ready to blow
Throws his body down to soften the blast
Gave his own life so his brothers will last
James Anderson MOH

During enemy attack, comrade falls in the line of fire
Leaves the safety of his hole, knowing the consequences are dire
Positions himself to protect his friend
Watches the enemy aim knowing it's the end
Oscar Austin MOH

Two men in light aircraft take hit and loose power
Parashoot damaged, can't make the tower
Pilot won't survive but the navigator can
Ditched the plane in water to save the other man
Steven Bennett MOH

Ace Dustoff commander near Chu Lai
Flew into the fog with enemy nearby
Utilized 3 helicopters to evacuate 51
It's hard to comprehend what he had just done
Patrick Bradly MOH

Prisoner of war with the Viet Cong for 3 years
Gave his food and meds to support his peers
Refusing to stray he adhered to the code
Gained respect from the enemy for the valor he showed 
Donald Cook MOH

David Rose

Sunday, April 2, 2017

No Death In Vain

Our brothers died so we can be free
Live in happiness is their plea

They want us to live with absolute joy 
It justifies their order to deploy

Living our lives in stressful pain
Wastes a soul who died in vain

I know we endure an ongoing struggle
Sometimes it's more than we can juggle

We owe it to our brothers who died
To let their courage be our guide

David Rose

Protest The War Not The Warrior

Served a year in that damn war
Doing what Uncle Sam called me for

Didn't know the violence stateside
Busy trying to save my own hyde 

Riots on the campus lawn
Students struck with the baton

In the streets were riots a plenty
Not just some there were many

I was sheltered from it all
Working long and taking call

Coming home was another war 
Protesters met me at the shore

Protest the war I'll join you there
Respect the medic I was unaware

I was just doing my job
Outside the wire of my FOB

Now I go welcome them back
Cheer them as they step the tarmac

I want to try to make it right
Our history I seek to rewrite

David Rose