Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Went To War To Find Love

Warriors are trained to perform a task
Sometimes it's more than we should ask 

There's more than training that powers us
It's love for our brothers that is a big plus

Went to war to find love for their brothers
Maybe more than all the others

Providing security so his platoon could advance
Stormed enemy trench to give them a chance
Killed six snipers plus two more by hand
Sacrificed himself while his platoon made a stand
Lewis Albanese MOH

Close range small arms fire near Cam Lo
In comes a hand grenade ready to blow
Throws his body down to soften the blast
Gave his own life so his brothers will last
James Anderson MOH

During enemy attack, comrade falls in the line of fire
Leaves the safety of his hole, knowing the consequences are dire
Positions himself to protect his friend
Watches the enemy aim knowing it's the end
Oscar Austin MOH

Two men in light aircraft take hit and loose power
Parashoot damaged, can't make the tower
Pilot won't survive but the navigator can
Ditched the plane in water to save the other man
Steven Bennett MOH

Ace Dustoff commander near Chu Lai
Flew into the fog with enemy nearby
Utilized 3 helicopters to evacuate 51
It's hard to comprehend what he had just done
Patrick Bradly MOH

Prisoner of war with the Viet Cong for 3 years
Gave his food and meds to support his peers
Refusing to stray he adhered to the code
Gained respect from the enemy for the valor he showed 
Donald Cook MOH

David Rose

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