Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gook Voices

I live in the mountains by choice
It's not very often I hear a voice

Had to go into town today
Went to a show and a buffet

Trying to enjoy my meal in peace
All I could hear was Vietnamese

Picked up and moved to another table 
Hearing that language I felt unstable

I finished and left as soon as I could
Boy was I in the wrong neighborhood

Did something then I rarely do
Attended a show at the Bijou

In the lobby were video games
Shooting a machine gun and throwing flames

I know it's a game but it got my attention
Instantly became a source of tension

In the wilderness is where I belong
Not in town with the Vietcong

Fifty years I still react this way
I guess I can assume it's here to stay

David Rose

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