Monday, July 14, 2014

An Interview With My Shadow

Me: "What is your purpose and why are you here?"
Shadow: "To be your companion and never disappear."

Me: "I appreciate your friendship by every move."
Shadow: "Yes, I was hoping you would approve."

Me: "Seems like you are most defined in the direct sun."
Shadow: "Yes, I think that is when I have the most fun."

Me: "What happens to you when the clouds move in?"
Shadow: "I'm still there, just spread around really thin."

Me: "I miss you when the sun is down and there is no light."
Shadow: "That's when I'm with you the most, everything is in shadow at night."

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cleanup On Aisle Three

Visited my local hardware store
Had to pickup something for a home chore

A song came over the PA that hit my trigger
I stood there and cried with vigor

Then I heard, "Cleanup on aisle three"
Didn't take them long to get a fix on me

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sometimes I Close My Eyes

Sometimes I close my eyes and make my own paradise
I crank up my stereo and dream of some place nice
I'll switch among my Pandora stations
I like the tunes I've been listening to for generations

It may be jazz, classic rock or classical guitar
No matter what it is I'm always the star
I'll sing along at the top of my voice
And playing air guitar is always my choice

I love to hear my subwoofer rumble
This is not the time to be humble
Since I no longer visit saloons
One of my remaining joys is listening to my tunes

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic