Friday, May 30, 2014

Gaining Insight

Now that I have studied this PTSD for a while
I can reflect and understand why I've been so hostile
There were numerous times throughout my life
When I have created unnecessary strife

Sometimes when I would open my mouth
The conversation would turn south
If I had to make an important decision
It may be based on a wartime vision

Many of my civilian engagements were wrong
Because my head was where it didn't belong
I lost a lot in life because of all of this
It's painful to look back and realize what all I missed

Strained relationships with family and friends
I hope it's not too late to make amends
I was protecting myself from them and them from me
Back then it was the only way I knew how to be

I'm not saying I have all of the answers yet
But I'll take all the little nuggets I can get
I still have a long way to go
But at least I'm gaining insight about things I need to know

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic


  1. We're not yet where we wanna' be. But, thank God, we are not where we used to be. Awareness is powerful!

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