Friday, May 30, 2014

Removing All External Stress

I've seen all kinds of doctors for this PTSD thing
In anticipation of the healing they could bring
I have a doctor to prescribe my med
I have doctors who get into my head

I have a doctor for one on ones
I have a doctor for a group he runs
I may have more doctors but I forget
I even have a doctor I haven't met yet

I sincerely appreciate all they do for me
Each one is as helpful as they can be
Maybe my meds will start to plateau
Maybe the counseling will do it, I don't know

As I study all of this to hopefully find a cure
There is one thing I have learned for sure
Before I can get out of this big mess
I need to remove all external stress

I don't really have a choice in the matter
This is nothing about which to smatter
40% of PTSD Vets take their own lives
Just a very small number survives

I was killed fourth-five years ago
I'm just dying real slow
I've never seriously considered taking my own life
But I can understand how other people do with all this strife

I still have a strong sense to survive
My family needs me alive
To establish a somewhat positive outlook
I need to reduce stress by hook or crook

I've considered a life like the "Jeremiah Johnson" movie
Living in the mountains sounds pretty groovy
Even that movie "Castaway" sounds healing
Yes maybe extreme, but nonetheless appealing

The bottom line is simply this
I may never again experience true bliss
But I think I could manage my PTSD with better success
If I could just eliminate all of this external stress

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

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