Friday, May 30, 2014

I Had A Dream

I had a dream last night
Different from my usual plight

Instead of nightmares about the war
There was something I had to look for

Since many of our men were MIA
I had an act of respect to convey

I set out to find a marker stone
Perhaps the largest one even known

Traveled all over this old earth
To seek a stone of proper girth

Moved it to the beach near Chu Lai
To mark the country where our brothers die

It was one hundred meters high
And escaped no ones eye

On it I carved "Here Lies Our Best"
"Have Peace While You Rest"

"We Will Never Forget"
"You Are In Our Debt"

The stone will always be in the light
The sun by day and the stars by night

No storm will ever get it wet
Yet flowers grow around it you can bet

Storms will come and storms will go
But on this stone no winds will blow

This is a very special stone
Our brothers are not left alone

Different from my usual plight
I had a dream last night

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

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