Monday, June 16, 2014

Where Is PTSD Safe?

Where is PTSD safe?
Should my own home be a chafe?
My home needs a PTSD safe room,
One that's free of gloom and doom.

My father and former spouse live with me.
When I come home, CNN is blaring on the TV.
Wolfe is on some war rant about who knows what.
The sound of automatic weapons hits me in the gut.

I've already had two hours of VA group,
Then come home to all of this poop.
Most people are desensitized to war action.
I know I'm of a minute fraction.

My place is small but they each have their own room.
Having no safe place to go is what makes me fume.
So I sit in my one living room chair,
Put in my ear pods of music, close my eyes and stare.

I need a room with control over what I see and hear.
A place where all my bad thoughts will disappear.
I need a refuge where I can meditate and pray.
Where really is PTSD safe anyway?

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

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