Saturday, June 14, 2014

Inside To Stay

I took a personality test one time years ago
Personalities like mine are almost zero

Yeah, I'm introverted but so what
I won't run around like some nut

With me it's not about being odd
It's about creating a facade

I have junk in my head I don't want you to see
I'm protecting me from you and you from me

You may never learn who I am
After all that war in Vietnam

One wife asked if I was a spy
Of if I worked with the CIA on the sly

Don't take it personal if I just walk away
There are words I don't want you to hear me say

You can study my finger prints in detail
And you won't learn what my thoughts entail

You can search my home everywhere
And you will come up bare

Read my CV all the way through
And you won't find a single clue

Follow me around day and night
You won't discover a single hint of my plight

Ask my friends. They'll say I'm cool
They'll say I'm no fool

There are two parts to me it seems
I don't want to carry the troubled one to extremes

It's a lot better this way
My thoughts are inside to stay

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

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