Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Started A New Happy Med Today

Started a new antidepressant from the VA.
Took it with a full supper today.

Doc said, "Take it with a full meal,
Because nausea is what you will feel."

Isn't that like eating a big breakfast before deep sea fishing?
As my head went over the rail, it was stable land I was wishing.

About four hours later the drug hit me
Experienced some reactions I didn't foresee

Felt like a big dark cloud moved in
Blocking a spot in the sky where the sun had been

My hands and face went numb
To this new med I had just succumb

"What's that you say?
I can't hear you till this ringing goes away."

Tried to stand up but sat right back down
Threw up because my head was spinning round

My pulse was 120 and my pressure was 154 over 103
Tell me again how this med is so good for me?

Tried to go to bed to get some rest
Couldn't do it for this thing pounding in my chest

My hands are trembling so much
These keys are tricky to touch

So when is the payoff for me
It's results I need to see

Do I need to wade through this four more weeks,
Before my doctor critiques?

So remind me again why I am taking this.
Oh yeah. So I can experience true bliss.

David Rose - Vietnam Veteran - Combat Medic

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