Sunday, April 5, 2015

Welcome To My Mind

Welcome to my mind
Browse around if you're so inclined
You'll be lucky to find anybody home
My mind has a tendency to roam

Be careful if you open the amygdala door
That room is full of blood and gore
I hold those memories in reserve
It's my life they will preserve

Sometimes things get kind of crazy
My thoughts get mixed up and hazy
I'm supposed to have a mental disorder
Like some rowdy unwanted boarder

If you venture into the memory room
There's a lot to see I would assume
I've experienced a lot over the years
I've enjoyed many hobbies and careers

Some say I use only 10% of me
What a lie that turned out to be
I use all of my brain
I'd have to, to store all of my pain

22 vets a day put a gun to their head
I wish they would seek help instead
This disease must get pretty bad
22 a day is really pretty sad

Well I hope you enjoyed your tour
My PTSD has no cure
If you find a trick that will fix this
Visit again and we'll restore what's amiss

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