Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boston Marathon Bombing

I just saw a news report about the Boston Marathon bombing trial.
The theme of the piece was to validate the emotional trauma of the aid givers caused by the blast and the resulting injured and dead.
The scene was described like this: People were down. People were screaming. People were bleeding. People were in pain.
There was a helpless feeling among the care givers with no supplies.
Bystanders used clothing from nearby retail stores as tourniquets.
The news piece was convincing how such a horrific experience could cause such emotional trauma
to the victims and to the people who gave aid during such a traumatic event.

Imagine that same scenario times 1000.
  • What if it wasn't two people trying to kill you.
    It was 2000.
  • What if it wasn't a home pressure cooker bomb
    It was a war bomb designed for maximum kills
  • What if it wasn't one single blast
    It was unrelenting blasts all day and night long
  • What if it wasn't just one day
    It was every day of the year
  • What if it wasn't three people dead in one day
    It was 300 in one day
  • What if there was no retail store around for supplies
    It was 9,000 miles to the closest retail store
  • What if there weren't hundreds of people there on site to help with the wounded and dead
    It was only you
Shit. No wonder I'm fucking crazy and resentful.
Don't make me jump through so many VA hoops to prove how fucking sick I am.
All you have to do is watch the evening news for God's sake. Wake up!

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