Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reduced To My Knees

Went to Lowe's for a part.
Walked around pushing a cart.

Minding my own business there.
Until I had a big scare.

Walked by an employee working.
No idea a trigger was lurking.

Off went a loud alarm.
I thought I had bought the farm.

My knees went weak.
Flashback at its peak.

Half way to the floor,
I realized it wasn't war.

Too late by then.
Now emotions will begin.

While pulling myself up.
I'm pretty sure I said WTF.

Around the corner I started to cry.
Tears came to my eye.

Couldn't drive and hope to survive.
In a restaurant now until I revive.

It's been fifty years.
Amazing how the war reappears.

This is why I'm a recluse.
I'm a nut case on the loose.

I protect me from them and them from me.
That's just the way it needs to be. 

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